Rack and Stack Eduprotocols for Math
EduProtocols, based on the book series, are student centered lesson frames that puts student thinking front and center with multiple attempts for formative assessment to show growth over time. Rack and Stack combines several EduProtocols to make unit planning easy using EduProtocol templates. Eduprotocols featured in this session are Fast and Curious: use computer aided gaming software to immediately get formative data and student feedback; MathReps: for daily directed practice: Sous Chef: groups of 4 jigsaw concepts and provide whole class sharing opportunities; Cyber Sandwich: think pair share activity and Learning in the Round: opportunity for student led conversations on white boards. EduProtocols elicit student thinking and build on each otherís ideas and findings.
Rack and Stack Eduprotocols for Math (Qualified for 22-23 University Credit Program)
Speaker Information
Kristan Morales
Michelle Voye
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2023-2024 University Credit Program: 1.50
This seminar is presented free of charge.