Coaching Classroom Creativity: Mastery Through Music
This session will focus on presenting and utilizing 5 neuroscience based benefits of using music as a learning tool: 1. Following traumatic events, music is a powerful tool to build resilience. 2. Mnemonics embedded in music help language recall and retention of information. 3. Long term memory can be engaged by sounds and information is imprinted through repetition. 4. Spatial-temporal reasoning is necessary for learning and is improved by music. 5. Musical training is associated with improving communication skills and language use. Throughout the course of the session, participants will be introduced to tools and a process to coach creativity of original music that will help them learn, retain and recapitulate information as well as build critical thinking and collaborative skills. Given a subject selected by the group, the 75 minutes of this session will be spent taking the information from idea stage to a sharable chorus of a song that can be used as a study tool. This process can be applied to any discipline and considers Univeral Design for Learning and differentiation strategies for all learners.
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May 26, 2022
Coaching Classroom Creativity: Mastery Through Music
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Daniel Roeder  [ view bio ]
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2023-2024 University Credit Program: 1.25
This seminar is presented free of charge.