Children's Picture Book Session
Systems of oppression are the result of an imbalance of power. While young children may not developmentally grasp the concepts of racism, classism, sexism, etc. they can understand power. The work of young children often centers around the exploration of power. Who has it? What do they do with it? Do I have it? Why or why not? How can I get it? What can I do with it? Inequity is the result of an imbalance of power. How can we deconstruct inequity if we cannot understand the construct of power? 3 BIPOC picture book authors will lead teachers in discussions and activities to utilize picture books for the exploration of power dynamics for students in the lower elementary grades.
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August 09, 2022
Children's Picture Book Session
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Sharon Langley  [ view bio ]
Lee Wind
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2023-2024 University Credit Program: 1.25
This seminar is presented free of charge.