Revisiting Our Why?
We are in unprecedented times. Most, if not all, of us are struggling in one way or another. We are stressed. We are asking ourselves, “How long can I keep this up? Is this the right choice for me?” Many of us come out of teacher credential programs without fully diving into the pedagogy or philosophy of education. Some of us feel unsupported or isolated at our sites. Perhaps it’s simply because your “why” doesn’t align with your colleagues. In this session, we will discuss and revisit the “why” in the question “Why did we become educators?” We will explore the different pedagogies each of us subscribe to and discuss and share our experiences and thoughts. Through self-reflecting and discussion, the session will reinvigorate us in our journey as educators!
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Seminar Date:
July 26, 2022
Revisiting Our Why?
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Jayson Chang  [ view bio ]
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2023-2024 University Credit Program: 1.25
This seminar is presented free of charge.